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Underground Water Survey for BOREWELL POINT.

Ground Water Survey and Recharging Society Conducts Underground Water Survey to Detect Potential Borewell point Location.

If you are looking to Purchase a plot or house an underground Water survey (borewell point check) is a must before making the deal.

Borewell Survey can provide Estimation on the Undergorund Water Condition for a Particular Land Area.

Borewell Water Identification is carried out Using Scientific Instruments like SSR-MP1, ADMT-300S, DDR-1, DDR-2, DDR-3.

For Large Land Areas (Acres / hectares) a Combination of Satellite Based Survey and Scientific Instrument based survey is conducted to determine the underground water flow direction and Location of potential borewell points for Maximum Output.

Now a days plots are purchased before surveying the Ground Water Condition of area and then Borewell is drilled which mostly results in dry borewell or a low yielding borewell due to unavailability of water.

Multiple Borewells are drilled in plot Area for hunt of Ground water which results in Higher Expenses.

In case of no other water supply it becomes impossible to Use the Land area for Residential Purpose.

Ground Water Identification can be conducted before buying a plot or Setting up an Industry and at Agricultural sites to determine feasibility of ground water.

We Aim at pinpointing Drilling Location for optimal Yield.

With a team of GIS Experts and Experienced Geologist We have conducted many Successful Borewell Point Survey ( Hydro geological and Geophysical Surveys ) across India.



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