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Hydrogeology is the study of groundwater – it is sometimes referred to as geohydrology or groundwater hydrology.

A hydrogeologic study or investigation is a study of the subsurface hydrologic and geologic conditions in an area or location. Data are collected about the type and thickness of geologic materials, the occurrence of ground water, how it flows in pore spaces and/or fractures, the quality of the ground water, and what can be expected at wells.


As Centre for Ground Water Recharge (CGWR), we carry out hydrogeological studies, characterization, and water supply studies with our engineer staff specializing in hydrogeology.

• Well monitoring for ground water level and quality studies.
• Aquifer mapping
• Geophysical studies
• Construction of well
• Determination and reporting of sustainable draft flow through pumping tests.
• Watershed management and planning.
• Provides fast and economical solutions to your problems with its dynamic, enthusiastic, and expert field staff in all Hydrogeological services you need, such as preparing legal applications for water supply from surface and spring waters and following the processes.

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As a Hydrogeologists we are providing the following services-
  • Design and construct water wells for drinking water supply, irrigation schemes and other purposes;
  • Try to discover how much water is available to sustain water supplies so that these do not adversely affect the environment – for example, by depleting natural baseflows to rivers and important wetland ecosystems;
  • Investigate the quality of the water to ensure that it is fit for its intended use;
  • Where the groundwater is polluted, they design schemes to try and clean up this pollution;
  • Design construction dewatering schemes and deal with groundwater problems associated with mining;
  • Help to harness geothermal energy through groundwater-based heat pumps.
  • Interpretation of down-hole camera surveys & borehole geophysical logging
  • Specific ground water sampling
  • Apply appropriate computer-based models to provide a moving view of the hydrogeologic setting.
Pumping Test
Water Sampling
Water Level Monitoring


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