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Impact Assessment Report

Preparation of Impact assessment report as per CGWA guidelines.

As per the new guidelines notified on 24.09.2020, all industries extracting/proposing to extract ground water in excess of 100 m3/day in Over-exploited, Critical and Semicritical areas shall have to mandatorily submit impact assessment report prepared by accredited consultants. We centre for ground water recharge is an accredited consultant from CGWA for IA Reports. And done MOU between dr. Nallathambi Vardaraj and Dr. Ashok kum for mining and ground water modeling report

  1. The Impact Assessment study Report in case of industries should cover 5 Km radius area around the project site and ground water modelling study is mandatory as per the criteria given in CGWA guidelines
  2. Impact Assessment Report along with modelling study shall also be required to be submitted in Safe category where withdrawal by industries is >500 m3 /d in hard rock and >2000 m3 /d in soft rock/alluvium.
  3. Infrastructure projects where dewatering is required, impact assessment report along with groundwater modelling in 5 km radius shall be mandatory irrespective of groundwater volume.


Preparation of Comprehensive Hydro geological report.

  1. All mining projects irrespective of dewatering shall mandatorily submit comprehensive hydrogeological reports of core and buffer zones in the radius of 2 and 10 respectively.
  2. In case of dewatering, ground water modelling in 10km radius is mandatory as per the criteria given in CGWA guidelines

Preparation of Ground water Modeling report from CGWA Accredited consultant.

The main objective of this study is to simulate the ground water flow system in and around the area

Criteria for modelling studies for CGWA.

Assessment UnitAquifer TypeQuantum of Groundwater (m3/day)Report
Over-exploited, Semi-Critical and and Critical (OCS)Hard Rock>500Impact Assessment Report along with modeling study.
Soft Rock/Alluvium>1000
SafeHard Rock>500
Soft Rock/Alluvium>2000

We have successfully submitted approx 60 IAR reports and getting NOC from CGWA for industry, infrastructure and mining projects.



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