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We have NABL Laboratory testing facilities for Water testing services across India.

We have NABL Laboratory testing facilities for Water testing services across India.


Each Do-It-Yourself kit comes with clear instructions, an FDA-approved disinfectant and, exclusive to CGWR Labs, a follow up test kit to verify the success of the disinfection process.


We’ve been helping home inspectors around the country verify the quality of well or community water supplies for many years. We’re ready to make your job easier.


Hospitals and clinics offering dialysis have an urgent need to monitor the quality of the water and fluid used during dialysis. The only way to monitor the quality of your water is with precise laboratory testing.


Ensure the success of your sale or purchase with a water test designed exactly for this purpose.


We provide solutions to businesses and industries that require clean water. We know how many industrial processes face challenges and even breakdown if their water supply is compromised.


A well inspection by one of CGWR Labs professionals can put your mind at ease by pinpointing exactly what needs to be done to maintain the purity of your water supply.

water testing in raipur

Water Testing in Raipur

We have NABL Laboratory testing facilities for Water testing services across India. CGWA offers a range of laboratory and field testing services that address the need of clients in construction and related industries. Tests are conducted as a part of geotechnical studies and quality control procedures prior to and during construction of commercial, industrial, petrochemical and other projects. CGWR Laboratories is ready to provide a detailed water analysis to help you achieve complete peace of mind. CGWR Labs is committed to helping you keep your water safe, clean and healthy.


CENTRE FOR GROUND WATER RECHARGE (CGWR) is situated at 90/A, Sector-II, Geetangali Nagar, Raipur (C.G.) and is run by professionally qualified personnel and managed by a team of highly experienced and technical personnel. CGWR is registered with Registrar of Firm, Indian Partnership 1932 Act 58(1) vide Registration No. Raipur/512/2010-11, dated 04/12/2010.

CGWR – Testing Laboratory is unit of CENTRE FOR GROUND WATER RECHARGE and carries out the testing activities in such a way so as to meet the requirements of    IS/ISO/IEC 17025:2005, customer and regulatory authorities or organization providing recognition.

CGWR – Water Testing Laboratory has permanent testing facilities at its laboratory, which is situated at 90/A, Sector-II, Geetangali Nagar, Raipur (C.G.).

 CGWR – Testing Laboratory is registered with shop & establishment act , Nagar Nigam, Raipur, Chhattisgarh  wide Registration No. 2014002067/RPR/S/2014.

The laboratory has well-qualified, experienced and trained personnel to carry out both managerial and technical functions with needed authority and resources. They are authorized to identify any occurrence of departure from the management system including testing procedures and to initiate actions to prevent / minimize such departures.

Trained personnel perform all laboratory tests under the direct supervision of the Technical Manager. The test results are carefully reviewed and approved by Technical Manager. If any test result appears to be wrong or is not in conformity with other results / anticipated results, the technical person is instructed to repeat such test. The test result is then carefully evaluated and suitable action is taken, if necessary.

Our Expert Team


Chinmayee Mohanti

Chemist (Technical Manager)

1. Bachelor of engineering in chemical
2. Diploma engineering in Chemical.

Kamlesh Sahu


1. MSc. Chemistry



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